A little bit about us

ConneXions Plus brings two well-known communication professionals together: Maurice Robichaud with more than 35 years of experience developing and implementing strategic communications initiatives in the public and private sectors at both the regional and national levels; and Pamela McKay with nearly 20 years of experience in strategic communications, government relations, crisis communications, media relations, community relations and corporate marketing.

ConneXions Plus is uniquely qualified to assist its clients to effectively connect with their target audiences in crisis, sensitive or even hostile environments. As well, the ConneXions Plus team can help adjust and tailor their clients' current communications plans to meet new challenges or develop new and original client-specific strategies to help them achieve their desired goals and objectives. With diverse geographic representation, considerable bilingual resources and a strong network of business, government, non-profit and media contacts and relationships, ConneXions Plus helps position its clients successfully in a rapidly evolving business climate.

ConneXions Plus offers cost-effective strategic communication products and services in the following areas:

We also have expertise in:

Managing good news for maximum positive impact

Managing bad news to minimize negative impact